AFTER CANCER CARE by Gerald M Lemole, Pallav K. Mehta, Dwight L. McKee

by: Various

Cancer is a terrible disease and you might have been through hell to get to a position where the primary treatment is over and you can start to focus more on recovery. Now though, with that intensity having passed, you might find it harder to get attention from medical staff and harder to find out what is really needed to get you started on the path of rebuilding yourself. This book forms the ideal introduction on how to become more than a passive survivor, and an active participant in a more robust and healthy life. The three authors have more than three decades of experience in post-cancer care between them, and they can mine a rich vein of experience to give you the best tips in diet, exercise and creating a conducive environment. There are statistics that claim that around 95% of cancer survivors are left to their own devices once initial treatment has ended. This title gives us all we need to be better informed and more empowered.

Paperback, 272pp, 2015