AVALON MAGIC by Rose Inserra

by: Rose Inserra

I love this mini-deck. It’s full colour and contains 40 cards. The cards are about the size of business cards, except a bit longer. There is an image on one side and then a short inspiring statement or affirmation on the other. All the images are related to Glastonbury or to the Arthurian set of stories. The images are quite naïve but still beautiful and they really carry the energy of Avalon with them. You do feel as if the wise women of Avalon, like Morgan le Fay or The Lady of the Lake are gently guiding you through these cards. The inspiring messages on the front are normally related to the image on the back. Images include a woman over a cauldron, a unicorn, a crow, standing stones, a king, dragons and the Tor. The deck is so small you can take it everywhere with you and either get guidance whenever you need it, or get a little boost of enchantment in the midst of a drab day.

40 cards, 107 x 59 mm, Boxed Set, 2022, RRP £9.99

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