by: Ann Saffi Biasetti

This excellent self-help deck was created by a psychologist and yoga teacher with over 28 years of clinical experience. It’s a bit different in that there are a lot of words on each card and no illustrations at all, but the guidance is comprehensive and always practical. On one side is a simple teaching on self-compassion with a slogan or affirmation at the bottom and on the other side is a practical exercise you can use to help you with the issue or task. The themes include Working With Disappointments, When Self-Compassion Meets Doubt and A Practice of Integrity. There are 52 cards so you can work through the deck focussing on one lesson every week, or you can dwell on a particular card for as long as you feel you need to. Because these are cards and not a book, you can move more quickly on your path of transformation and maybe even the process will be fun.

8pp, 152 x 111 mm booklet. Boxed set including 52 full-colour cards, 2022, RRP £21.00

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