BODY OF STARS by Kate Hubert

by: Kate Hubert

Kate is an astrologer who has been practising professionally since 1999. She is currently based in South Devon. This is a deep but approachable book about the principles of astrology and how they are expressed in the human body. It will be of interest to lay readers who are interested in different ways of studying health issues they might have, as well as astrologers doing research. Personally I don’t know a great deal about astrology but I found this book easy to understand and entertaining and thought-provoking. As the author herself writes, “Astrologically understood, health challenges reveal the body’s intelligence, its own poetic logic, guiding us out of patterns of conditioning towards what is vitally required for health, wholeness and authenticity”. This accurately reveals this book’s value.

336pp, 210 x 148 mm, Paperback, 2021, RRP £14.99