by: Lisa Tenzin-Dolma

Lisa Tenzin-Dolma s colouring books offer the joy and recuperation of the task whilst creating high art. This exquisite collection of mandalas expresses all the wonder and mystery and spiritual power of ancient Celtic culture. From compelling designs such as Dragon Power, Seven Spirals, and Green Man, to peaceful, contemplative images such as The Holy Grail, Birds of Inspiration, and Cup of Plenty, you feel as if you are weaving a spell of great potency whilst meditating on and colouring in these beautiful mandalas. A short introduction explains the fundamentals of Celtic symbolism to give you greater insight into Celtic spirituality and get the most from the guided meditations given with the mandalas themselves. At the back of the book is a visual directory of Celtic iconography in full colour to help you enter deeper and glean even more from your Celtic meditations.