by: Nicola McIntosh

This 36-card deck is ideal for anyone interested in the Celtic Tradition, Ogham, elemental beings or just the magical life in general. The cards are all in shades of browns and greens and include symbols, shapes and labyrinths. They include Gwyneth, Tree Spirit, The Greenman, Cerridwen, She of the Woods and The Sidhe. The publishers have also gone to the trouble of printing the accompanying 106-page book in colour as well. The cards are edged in green and the whole package evokes magic and enchantment. It’s a great inspiration to remember all the layers of reality available to us and will encourage us to love the natural world. The book also includes tips for using the cards for divination including spreads and extra shades of meaning. With all these oracle decks, in their depths they are fundamentally uplifting and inspirational, regardless of what we use them for.

112pp, 104 x 144 mm, 112 full-colour cards, Boxed Set, 2022, RRP £18.99