Cygnus Star Titles



by: Coates

Ever since she was a child Margrit Coates has been able to communicate with animals. In her new book she draws upon her amazing experiences and special gift to help us connect with animals too. Using intuition, insight and common-sense, she shows how to tune into mental images of what they are thinking and feeling, helping us bond at an incredibly deep level. Her techniques range from communicating with our furry or feathered friends at home, to larger animals like horses. We also see how healing beyond animal behaviour and psychology helped Anne the traumatised elephant who was rescued from a circus. Besides practical exercises, Communicating with Animals is brimming with heart-warming stories, each with a life lesson: to open our mind, look beneath the surface and be flexible - making it a great read and a truly inspirational guide.
256pp, 153mm x 234mm, Paperback, 2012

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