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DIVINER Joe Cassidy

by: Joe Cassidy

You will really enjoy this highly entertaining biography of an Irish diviner (dowser) called Joe Cassidy who uses his powerful innate abilities to help people, animals, plants and even the Earth herself. Follow his adventures as he lifts curses placed on houses, relieves the sadness of ancient sacred sites that have destroyed, releases trapped spirits and resolves natural phenomena that stress the landscape. Joe also tells how he was not always a diviner, but was more or less forced to become one after years of resisting his destiny resulted serious illness. The Diviner throws light on a side of life that is both ancient and still very much a part of modern life. Joe's stories of growing up as a sensitive child in rural Ireland, and of his many intriguing divining exploits will keep you amused and entertained for hours, and if you're a sensitive yourself, or are learning to develop your intuitive abilities, you'll learn a lot, too.