by: Priestess Moon

This isn’t a new deck but I really love it. As someone who is learning about plants and herbs, I welcome a deck that is built around their magic and their powers. There are 36 cards and the book is in full colour which helps a lot. They are designed to look like medieval illuminated manuscripts and written in beautiful script with colourful borders and images of enigmatic priestesses and wise women. Each card is based around one plant, be it cinnamon, rowan, dog rose or elder, but the cards also have names like Abundance, Divination, Good Fortune, Prosperity and Ritual. So they can be used for divination; however the book also contains a lot of plant lore and talks you through some of the wild and fascinating imagery on the cards. The subtitle of the deck is Medieval Hedgewitch Magick and I think more than anything it’s a great guide and inspiration for anyone on the gentler kitchen magic path.

116pp, 140 x 102 mm, Boxed Set with 36 full-colour cards, 2017, RRP £19.00

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