by: Dr Joanna LaPrade

If you are carrying burdens of insecurity, perceived failure, buried secrets, trauma or anything you blame yourself for or worry about, then you are not alone. It’s always refreshing to have a new perspective on handling these troubles and this is the aim of this book, which very much comes from the Jungian tradition. Dr LaPrade describes the issues that we hang on to as our “underworld” before giving us tools to tackle them, to become our own mythical heroes if you like. She also argues that these dark experiences are natural, and in some sense necessary, because they form markers along the path of growth and discovery; without them we won’t know what it is that we need to transform in ourselves. This book is a comprehensive and accessible guide to managing our lives, pulling from ancient myths and heroes to help us to tackle, learn and move on from the many difficulties we experience during our lifetime. It makes for a reassuring read.

352pp, 133 x 210 mm, Paperback, 2022, RRP £14.99