Cygnus Star Titles



by: Linda Williamson

Have you ever sensed a presence in your house, glimpsed a shadow out of the corner of your eye or heard inexplicable noises? It may be, says Linda Williamson, that you are sharing your home with an earthbound spirit - an ordinary man and woman who, instead of passing into the spirit world when they died, has remained trapped and bound to this world. As a medium, Linda encounters many such spirits. Very few are evil, most are lost and confused. Some do not even realise that they have died. She shows that, with love and compassion they can be released, so that they can move forward to the place where they belong. In Ghosts and Earthbound Spirits, Linda explains what to do if you come into contact with such a spirit, and gives insight into what it is like in that strange dimension between this world and the next.
248pp, 126mm x 196mm,Paperback, 2010

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