HAGITUDE by Sharon Blackie

by: Sharon Blackie

Hagitude is a word that came unheralded into author Sharon Blackie’s head one day and she became determined to write a book with that title. It’s about getting older, about menopause and having cancer, and about trying to understand this later part of life. A presence throughout the book is the Cailleach, a mythological figure in the Scots and Irish tradition, a fierce and giant woman but one who also offers protection and inspiration for women as they enter the croning years. We have carried other books by Sharon – If Women Rose Rooted, The Enchanted Life and her book of short stories Foxfire, Wolfskin – and the main thing about her is that she is a seriously good writer who is also sensitive to the spiritual life and to otherworldly dimensions. It’s an autobiographical account full of rich stories and anecdotes, which weaves a world where everything is connected. It’s like throwing a rich blanket over your shoulders on a cold night where the thick darkness sits outside, but you feel safe inside and unencumbered and calm.

320pp, 224 x 148 mm, Hardback, 2022, RRP £16.99