HEAL YOUR ANCESTRAL ROOTS by Anuradha Dayal-Gulati

by: Anuradha Dayal-Gulati

There haven’t been many books on this fascinating subject. It’s one that needs to be explored because you can imagine that previous patterns within a family can easily be repeated from one generation into the next. Anuradha gives us many exercises such as journalling, visualisation and mind-mapping, and she also gives many suggestions based on her training in flower essences. The book is also full of real-life examples including many stories from her own family’s life. The author used to work in academia and finance and it’s uplifting to know she wanted to give up lucrative employment to do this work instead. Life is hard enough as it is so it’s helpful to be able to avoid repeating old patterns through financial troubles, divorce and breakup and family arguments that aren’t even conscious.

288pp, 216 x 140 mm, Paperback, 2023, RRP £14.99

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