by: Paul Mckenna

Would you like to overcome insomnia, to stop your mind racing when you try to sleep, and to sleep deeply through the night without interruption? Would you like to awaken full of energy? In I Can Make You Sleep, Paul McKenna explains that most sleep problems stem from bad habits that suppress the natural patterns of sleep. He guides you through the process of creating the ideal environment for sleep: when to sleep, wake and eat, how to prepare your bedroom and how to relax. The accompanying hypnosis CD, for use while you are in bed, re-programmes your unconscious mind, encouraging wakefulness during the day and promoting quality sleep at night. Paul McKenna's tried and tested methods - repetition of straightforward techniques and exercises, explained clearly and carefully to optimise your success - are sure to help anyone rediscover the bliss of a good night's sleep.
160pp, 150mm x 210mm, Paperback + CD, 2009