by: Alan Butler

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Could it be that many key events in the history of humankind were intended by human beings from the future, who took specific actions that would steer the world in a particular direction? Alan Butler demonstrates that time travellers have made alterations to our planetary and global environment (the creation of the Moon, the extinction of the dinosaurs) that were necessary to allow us to exist and to develop as an intelligent species. They have also left us markers that show what steps we need to take to progress further. All these interventions were placed retroactively within the 'timeline' for future generations, not for those immediately affected. Key interventions include: The creation of the Moon, the metal revolution; and the use of the megalithic yard. But the most spectacular revelation lies in our future, for we discover, with unexpected precision, when our first contact with our future selves will happen. This, says Alan Butler, will occur within the lifetime of most readers of this book.

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