LIFE IS A GIFT Gill Edwards

by: Gill Edwards

Life is a Gift is a practical guide to creating your own heaven on earth. It isn't a superficial cookbook for 'getting more toys' - although you can have anything you want. It is about learning to flow with the Universe, to become a divine co-creator, a practical mystic, a passionate dream-weaver. Taking you to the point where your spirituality, creativity and sensuality meet, it describes the journey of the embodied soul - the creator, lover and visionary. Gill Edwards shows you how to become a spiritual adult, someone who is able to step into their birthright as a human being. On the way, you learn to forge a deeper connection with your higher self, and create a life that truly belongs to you. Above all, this is a book about unconditional love, inspiring you to recognise - whatever your circumstances - that life is not a lesson, not a task, not a mission, but a true and incredibly beautiful gift.
238pp, 130mm x 196mm, Paperback, 2007

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