by: Anjie Cho

Even though the publishers use “mindful” in the title, I think they are going with the trend by using this word, and this book is mostly feng shui. The author is a registered architect and feng shui educator in New York City. It’s a book that you can treat yourself to, to inspire you to make changes to your home and make it a happier place. There are 144 pages of beautifully laid out colour images and text and its retail price of £14.99 is a total bargain. There are many everyday common-sense tips in the book, plus more esoteric feng shui guidance and simple rituals that can enhance the positivity of a place. Chapters include Feng Shui and the Mindfulness Connection, Create a Mindful Space and Interconnecting Home and Community. Anyone who lives indoors can benefit from a book like this.

144pp, 234 x 192 mm, Paperback, 2023, RRP £14.99

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