MOVE MORE AT YOUR DESK by Kerrie-Anne Bradley

by: Kerrie-Anne Bradley

Many of us are stuck at our desks nowadays and spend more time there than we would like. Kerrie-Ann is a Pilates teacher who also does corporate work to teach us how to be comfortable and stay healthy when we are at our desks. The book is very clearly laid out and user-friendly and it is full of helpful photographs. It includes specific exercises for problem areas and general routines to keep us fresh and keep our muscles supple, again thoroughly illustrated. There are also helpful breathing exercises, plus case studies and inserts from experts. Finally, the science is all listed in the notes with links to those experts’ websites. As the author says, no self-respecting cat will get up from sleep without stretching so why should we be any different?

224pp, 199 x 146 mm, Paperback, 2022, RRP £14.99

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