ONCE AROUND THE SUN by Ellen Evert Hopman

by: Ellen Evert Hopman

Well, here’s a lovely thing to do with the children! This beautifully illustrated full-colour book intertwines nine seasonal folk tales with activities that complement them, from recipes and games to poetry and cool things to learn. It also includes stories from a variety of countries and traditions to help explain the meaning of the tales themselves. Based on the seasonal wheel of the year, the tales invoke a level of Earth consciousness alongside the power of living in the now and embracing each season for what it gives, both important messages for children to absorb. So, enjoy reading the stories out loud to the kids, then let them join you in the kitchen to make some Befana cake, or have fun making magic wands; it should keep them away from their phones for a while at least.

160pp, 241 x 171 mm, Paperback, 2022, RRP £12.99