SMART ASS by Margaret Winslow

by: Margaret Winslow

A woman riding a donkey is not a common sight in New York State but Margaret Winslow is no ordinary woman and Caleb is certainly no ordinary donkey. There was instant rapport when they met but that had to be followed up by long tough training sessions as the pair got to know each other. This charming story trots us through their adventures. Sometimes hilarious like when the unpredictable Caleb was invited to take part in a nativity play, sometimes scary like attempting to jump a high fence. As their bond deepens two tenacious characters emerge, each battling for dominance, and it is unclear at times whether donkey or owner is winning. Then comes a crisis when Caleb turns and attacks Margaret. She loses trust in Caleb and has to consider getting rid of him. But there are many more lessons still to learn before this story can reach its happy ending.

256pp, 203 x 134 mm, Paperback, 2018