SOUL HELPER ORACLE by Christine Arana Fader

by: Christine Arana Fader

Each card in this wonderful deck features four companions to guide and support you on your soul’s path: a power animal, a healing stone, a plant essence, and a number with a corresponding rune. With these hints you can get an idea at the deepest level of what your soul yearns for. It begins with the card and then you can find out more with the guidebook which proposes how you can then work with the card across a 21-day cycle. It also suggests different spreads you can use to come up with a better perspective. The cards are dream-like and created with clear and hyper-real imagery. Each one also has a dominant colour. Themes include Reenergise in the Natural World and The Love of Your Dragon Reaches Out to You. If you jump with both feet into the world of this deck, these soul helpers will bring you divine light and wisdom and help you work out what your true goals are.

128pp, 135 x 97 mm, Boxed Set including 43 colour cards, 2022, RRP £16.99