SWITCH Chip and Dan Heath

by: Chip

Chip and Dan Heath take you deep inside the human psyche to explain why our desire to improve things is often undermined by scepticism, caution and fear. They say we all have two competing parts of our minds -an emotional, instinctual 'Elephant’, and a rational 'Rider’ -that often work against each other, so if we can discover how to get them to work together, we can achieve amazing results very quickly. Once you understand how the mind functions to affect our reactions to change, you can take steps to overcome resistance, employing simple patterns to effect the changes that matter to you. Not only does Switch give you all the information you need to do this easily, it also shows you how everyday people -employees and managers, parents and nurses -have achieved dramatic results, just by making the best of human behaviour.
305pp, 129mm x 196mm, Paperback, 2010