TALK TO YOUR ANGELS by Jayne Wallace and Liz Dean

by: Jayne Wallace and Liz Dean

This is a striking and beautifully designed book with lovely illustrations which really suit the ethereal and warm subject matter. It offers 44 ways both to connect and then get closer to the angels, revealing the signs and symbols that let you know your angels are nearby and how then to connect with them using meditation, colours, flowers and crystals. The tips also include some that teach you how to ask your angels for help with everyday needs and personal challenges such as healing a relationship rift, letting go of the past and sending healing to loved ones. The book also guides you through how to let your relationship with your angels grow so that you can develop spiritually and feel the connection with them in every aspect of your life. It’s a very well thought out book that will appeal to anyone attuning to their angelic guides.

144pp, 236 x 190 mm, Paperback, 2023, RRP £14.99