TAROT LIFE LESSONS by Julia Gordon-Bramer

by: Julia Gordon-Bramer

We don’t normally include tarot books in Cygnus but I thought this book was a deserving exception to the rule. Every major arcana card has a chapter to itself and then every chapter is a story. The author is a professional reader and she has been doing it for decades, so she has a rich store of personal accounts to draw on. It’s refreshing because it feels like you learn about the cards without trying – and regular tarot books can be a bit intimidating. There are also boxes at the end of every chapter on separate subjects like where to do a reading and where to keep your cards; in this way you can see how readings work in real life and how abstract wisdom gets involved with living breathing people.

224pp, 229 x 152 mm, Paperback, 2024, RRP £16.99

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