CHAKRA COOKBOOK by Annika Panotzki

by: Annika Panotzki

This vibrant full-colour book was written by a modern medicine woman from Sweden with a deep knowledge of plant medicine, nutrition and healing. We all know how important foods of different colours are for our health, but this takes the concept to a higher and more exciting level by suggesting that you choose the colours according to the chakras. There are over 80 wonderful recipes for every meal plus suggestions on how to live better through breathing exercises, intention setting, ceremonies and ritual. There’s also plenty of extra information on the chakras and how they work, plus a five day reset programme you can use to jump-start your life. Everything is vegan and free from refined sugar. The food is delicious and nutritious and your energy levels will be off the chart!

184pp, 252 x 197 mm, Hardback, 2022, RRP £20.00