CORONATION, THE by Charles Eisenstein

by: Charles Eisenstein

Another book on the Covid phenomenon? Yes, but I think that we need to put these books out there and keep the debate going. Charles Eisenstein is a very trusted writer and activist who focuses on the environment and culture in general. Here he puts forward essays he has written from March 2016 till December 2021, and has added contemporary comments on what he wrote and what the reaction was. He looks at how society has reacted to the crisis and he has gradually become more horrified about the scapegoating of nonconformity and the disintegration of the “old normal”. His account is fascinating and thought-provoking. More than anything he is in a good position to illuminate where we might go from here, in a positive sense. Humanity isn’t unaffected and we clearly aren’t going back to the way things were. We need books like this to build back stronger.

192pp, 216 x 140 mm, Paperback, 2022, RRP £14.99