by: Gordon Smith

Gordon is famously the UK’s most accurate medium and he has a great gift and a gratifying integrity. He hasn’t brought out anything for a while and so this oracle deck is very welcome. Basically it’s full of messages from the other side so that, if you use it suitably, it will be like psychic guidance. There are 48 full-colour cards and they are divided into four suits: Healing from Spirit Healers and Helpers, Healing from Spirit Guides, Healing from Spirit Sages and Masters and Healing from Guardian Spirits. The four suits are colour coded. The guide book gives more information about the nature of these different spirits and more information behind the brief message on each card. This has to be the next best thing to getting a reading directly through Gordon. The illustrations on the cards show figures in different visionary cosmic landscapes.

48-card deck and 120-page guidebook, 2023, RRP £17.99