by: Asha Frost

This book is the result of the anger, despair and hurt felt by the author because of the combined effects of both historical and modern day racism, compounded by the misappropriation of Indigenous wisdom and medicine by money-orientated white women. Don’t think that this takes anything away from the content of the book though, it’s both thought provoking and reaffirms your faith inthe healing message she shares here. Asha Frost is an Indigenous Medicine Woman and in this book she tells us stories inspired by her Ojibway ancestry which help reveal our inherent capacity for healing ourselves based on our ancestral lineage. Through rituals, sacred journeys and her own wisdom she shows us how to practice self-care, how to trust and surrender so you can manifest and thrive, how to release self-doubt, fear and insecurity and so much more.

288pp, 134 x 216 mm, Paperback, 2022, RRP £12.99