by: Florance Saul

Dreams are always a puzzle, sometimes easy to unpick, but often not, so this entirely new set of definitions informed by lunar activity and mystical insight is fascinating. Examining how and why the eight moon phases impact our dreams, the author reveals what message a dream has at any one phase of the moon. There’s a helpful chart that gives an overview so you can see at a glance the overall meaning of the appearance of aliens in each of the phases of the moon, for example. Then you can drill down using the A-Z interpretation of each of the dream symbols and their specific messages within the lunar cycle. This is a well-laid out, attractive book that is also a fascinating exploration into the impact that astrology and the Moon plus astronomy and psychology have had on spiritual wisdom and the art of dream interpretation from ancient Mesopotamia to the modern day.

288pp, 215 x 135 mm, Paperback, 2023, RRP £17.99

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