The Paradigm Shift : A Journey Beyond Perception - Anderson, D. K.

by: D.K. Anderson

The sacred journey of astronaut James Holden, who finds himself trapped, like a fugitive, in a strange evocative world of intrigue and rebirth. A world where Kennedy survived in Dallas, where 9/11 never happened and where American society evolved differently.

Married into a wealthy family who thinks he’s gone insane, encountering his “real” wife who sees him as a stranger, Holden struggles with his sanity.

Alone and desperate to find a way back, he is befriended by Red Hawk, a shamanic guardian angel figure, who tries to advise and help him on his path. Initially dismissing Red Hawk’s counsel, he instead seeks the help of Matthew Zeiss, a top world-renowned quantum physicist.

But will our beleaguered spaceman choose to look beyond his rigid scientific beliefs, into the world of ancient teachings and sacred wisdom? Immersed in this strange alternative reality, can our embattled astronaut finally discover the keys that unlock the doors of a hidden universe?

A compelling metaphysical odyssey that questions our own perceptions of reality!