by: Amit Goswami

If anyone needs a scientific explanation for how acupuncture, homeopathy or energy medicine works, look no further than this book by a PhD quantum physicist. In it he explains the healing power of integral medicine, bridging modern nuclear treatments and alternative medicine, with knowledge of discoveries that brought quantum leaps to the scientific field. His model shows how electrons can leap instantaneously to another atom, to help us understand quantum leaps we make in our health. He explains how illness is caused by a collapse at the level of consciousness into physical disease. Goswami encompasses a spiritual awareness of yogic thought; he believes consciousness is at the heart of illness and recovery, as it mediates the mind-body interaction. His integrative model of healing and recovery offers physicians a new way of applying the principles in healthcare they deliver to patients; and explains how our healing can make quantum leaps to health.

320pp, 142mm x 215mm, paperback, 2011