by: Ash Perrin

Today’s children are likely to spend many hours staring at screens. Ash Perrin and his “Flying Seagull Project” are determined to offer alternatives with what they call Real Play. Ash, also known as Bash the Clown, calls himself a professional noise-maker, promoting the idea that there are no limits to being happy and feeling confident. Play, laughter and being silly are great ways to connect with feeling good. The project’s work in hospitals has shown that laughter is the best medicine and the same is true at home, where busy stressed parents are encouraged to create a Kids Comedy Corner, invite friends, dress up, choose music and food and then have fun telling jokes. Put on overalls and splash paint around, dance, be a zombie. Begin a play revolution that parents as well as children will love.

192pp, 216 x 136 mm, Paperback, 2019, RRP £12.99 

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