SECRET Rhonda Byrne

by: Rhonda Byrne

We?ve had loads of letters and emails from you enthusing about the film: The Secret, which is doing so much to make everyone aware of the Law of Attraction and how it works. In this book, the Law of Attraction is explained by the teachers who appear in the film, who include Jack Canfield, John F Demartini, Hale Dwoskin and Neale Donald Walsch. To their incredibly valuable insights, Rhonda Byrne adds her own additional explanations (many not included in the film), making The Secret so simple a child could understand it. Besides explaining exactly how The Secret works, all the teachers focus together on one topic at a time, illustrating how to use The Secret to realise your dreams in terms of relationships, health, abundance, and even world peace. Since everything is energy, and energy follows thought, there truly is nothing you cannot achieve, if you practise The Secret!
160pp, 145mm x 184mm, hardback, 2006