by: Peter Dawkins

In The Shakespeare Enigma we accompany Peter Dawkins on his quest to solve the mystery that surrounds the authorship of the Shakespeare plays, poems and sonnets, to reveal the true author or authors, their world of secret societies, and much else besides. Much of what we know of the actor's life seems to be at odds with what can be deduced from the plays and poems. Does this mean that 'Shakespeare' was more than one person? Indeed, why do the Shakespeare sonnets even mention two poets, each as great as the other? Through his illuminating and detailed study of the plays and the hints they contain about Shakespeare, Dawkins guides us down a fascinating trail, unravelling codes and symbolism, and following clues that the Bard himself may have intended us to uncover. He skilfully develops this real Elizabethan thriller, full of the rich characters of the time and comes to startling and original conclusions as to the true identity of the author of Shakespeare's works.
478pp, 175mm x 246mm, illus. in b&w, Paperback, 2004