THE SOUL AND THE SEA by Benig Mauger

by: Benig Mauger

It’s always appealing to find a new take on emotional healing, and this book brings us an approachable model based on the interweaving of Jungian depth psychology with spirituality. It is a very personal book: the author is not only honest and open about her own inner healing, but she’s also a poet and has a profound love of nature, so that reading her work is like being on a boat, being rocked from side to side as we are moved from wisdom and understanding to emotional connection and back. The narrative takes us through a series of “healing rooms” which address different issues, all the time also illustrated with stories from the author’s affinity with nature and love of the sea. Complete with practical advice and exercises, this is both an interesting and a powerful read.

240pp, 217 x 140 mm, Paperback, 2023, RRP £15.99