by: Gregg Braden

What would it mean to discover that everything from the DNA of life, to the future of our world, is based upon a simple Reality Code - one that we can change and upgrade by choice? Gregg Braden proposes that our universe works like a ?Consciousness Computer', using a language that we all have, yet are only just beginning to understand: life's reality code is based in the language of human emotion and focused belief. So, in knowing that belief is our reality-maker, the way we think of ourselves and our world is now more important than ever! The Spontaneous Healing of Belief shows us both the miracles that open the door to a powerful new way of seeing the world, and the science that tells us why the miracles are possible. We are the architects of our experience: we can change the world by changing ourselves.
256pp, 152mm x 229mm, Paperback, 2008