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THERAPIST'S CAT by Stephanie Sorrell

by: Stephanie Sorrell

Funny, poignant and carrying a profound message regarding humanity’s treatment of animals, this delightful, ‘factional’ story centres on Moo, psychotherapist Pete Shepherd's cat. He’s reluctant to keep her at first until he discovers that she can read his thoughts and transfer hers to him! Moo has a mission: to educate Pete about the threatened state of the animal kingdom due to humanity's cruelty and the dangerous impact this has on human evolution. Understanding mental health in her own unique way, Moo helps Pete bring healing to his clients and also guides him to a successful love-affair. Yet Moo has another secret...she is helping to stem the invasion of a race of terrifying creatures, karmically invoked by our ignorance...Studded with nuggets of hilarious wisdom from the Mooisphere (the Gospel according to Moo), this is one not to miss.

188pp, 140mm x 216mm, softback, 2012