WAY OF F**K IT John C Parkin

by: John C Parkin

Truth is sometimes found in the most surprising ways, say Parkin and Pollini: even in profanity. It is time to realise that many of our problems arise because we take things too seriously. Letting go of this seriousness, this sense of things mattering so much - in a deliciously un-serious way - can create liberation and change in our lives. And so, by releasing worry and inhibition, uttering with gusto this age-old two-word expletive - 'F**k It!' - and mixing in a generous shot of humour helped by the most wonderfully simple yet meaningful cartoon line-drawings, you can discover more freedom in your life. This absolutely joyous mixture of wisdom and mischief will have you giggling and plotting your new-found liberty in an instant. How about this one? 'Say F**k It and hum Bohemian Rhapsody on the Tube, all the way through.'
220pp, 160mm x 158mm, illus. in b&w, hardback, 2009