WAY OF MARY by Camille Hamilton Adams Helminski

by: Camille Helminski

This new book is a thing of utter beauty. It’s a hymn of praise to the Blessed Mother and archetype of the goddess, held in the greatest esteem by all the People of the Book. Camille herself is a Sufi, but the book quotes passages from Christianity, Islam and Judaism, across nearly 500 pages, which also includes many full-colour photographs, paintings, engravings and drawings. As the book says, it’s more of a “being with” than a “reading about”, and it’s ideal for anyone whose spirituality is more one of devotion, or who is interested in the feminine aspect of the Divine in all her forms. It’s expensive but it’s beautiful and the sort of book that just gives you joy and hope by just flicking through a few pages. Cynthis Bourgeault writes “What beautiful blessedness: the wise and gentle heart of Mary mirrored in the wise and gentle heart of Camille Helminski”.

512pp, 238 x 164 mm, Hardback, 2021, RRP £33.00

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