WAY OF REIKI by Frans Stiene

by: Frans Stiene

A must read for any Reiki practitioner or teacher. Frans Stiene has been pursuing the deeper meaning of Reiki and working to understand the teachings of Mikao Usui since the early 2000s. He has absorbed knowledge from teachers, writings, and his own practice, and in this book he shares all that he has learned; and in the process he has created the ultimate roadmap to discovering the essence of the system and the path to Self-Realisation. The book is split into two parts: the first looks at the less commonly adopted process of Preparation, and the second studies the various Practices in detail. There is also a helpful Appendix. To be a truly successful Reiki practitioner, Stiene urges you to get onto the path of becoming a better human being, and to understanding your true nature. In this book you will find out how.

224pp, 215 x 141 mm, Paperback, 2022

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