TREE MAGIC by Sandra Kynes

by: Sandra Kynes

Tree Magic is the latest in the series that also includes Bird Magic and Crystal Magic, written by Druid and prolific author Sandra Kynes. As you can see, her speciality is the magic in the natural world and how to work with it. Tree Magic is large format and has line drawings of the leaves and fruit of the more than 60 trees covered in the book. Very few of them aren’t to be found growing in Europe; all the classics are here, including Ash, Elder, Oak, Yew and Pear. There are stories, myths and correspondences for every tree, plus the associated Zodiac sign and the Ogham letter. These great beings have an energy we can all work with. Featuring meditations, shamanic journeys, feng shui and ritual, Tree Magic will help you connect with the natural world and deepen your spiritual practice.

312pp, 235 x 191 mm, Paperback, 2021, RRP £23.00