UNSEEN BEINGS by Erik Jampa Andersson

by: Erik Jampa Andersson

In this book the author suggests different ways of seeing and thinking to see the life in all things. This will then cause a shift in how we live on this delicate planet. It will help us if we have climate anxiety by giving us a bigger picture and helping us away from a human-fixated outlook on existence. Erik is trained in Tibetan Buddhism and plant medicine of all kinds, and even in the Tibetan traditions there are nature spirits that we can work with. Of course there are also other beings in the European traditions that he discusses, including elves in Iceland and fairies in the British Isles. By relating to these unseen beings, to the animals and other life-forms around us, we can broaden our horizons to become more fulfilled and also be less destructive to the planet in our ways of living.

320pp, 217 x 135 mm, Paperback, 2023, RRP £12.99

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