WHAT IF THIS IS HEAVEN? by Anita Moorjani

by: Anita Moorjani

In her first book Dying to Be Me Anita Moorjani told the story of her painfully difficult life, her cancer and near death experience. At the time that seemed to be the end, but surprisingly it was just the start of a whole new journey, resulting in this sequel. Her story touched many people, and they contacted her asking questions, wanting to understand the new experience of being alive on Earth that she had discovered. And so her story continues as she embodies truths learned in other realms and discards the myths and stories she once accepted as ‘truth’. This is one woman’s personal account of how she discovered freedom from those falsehoods that trap us all in fear, heartache and limiting boundaries. Her story challenges us to recognise heaven is not a distant destination but the daily life we are all living right now.

200pp, 229 x 152 mm, 2016