ZEN DOG Edward Monkton

by: Edward Monkton

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Zen Dog is, when we first encounter him, a rather self important city dog who has lost touch with the meaningful things in life. That is until he meets a very special, trombone playing ant! Yes, we're back at the mercy of Edward Monkton's wild and wonderful sense of humour. His stories are bizarre, slightly surreal, always hilarious, cartoons for adults that also manage to convey rather moving, deep messages of compassion, love and friendship. Zen Dog is perfect for anyone who just needs to slow down, or rediscover the simple, beauty of life. 'The melody was more haunting and lyrical than anything the dog had ever heard before. It washed over him like a river of clean, pure beauty and penetrated deep into his very soul.'
48pp, 136mm x 164mm, hardback, 2010