by: Kyle Gray

If it sometimes feels as if nobody is hearing our prayers, this book aims to prove that’s untrue. Calls for help, answers, even miracles transcend religion and connect directly to God, and angels are always there to help this process. Prayers are always heard. Our minds can manifest anything, and whatever we focus on we attract, so positive affirmations are the key to receiving help and positive outcomes. A large part of this book is a directory of angelic beings, helping those who pray to connect with the best possible channel for their prayers. We learn about each of the archangels, their special qualities and how to connect with them. Each has a special prayer. Divine feminine
energy is present through Mary, known as Queen of Angels, and other
powerful female figures. Finally a directory of prayers provides a valuable collection that supports dozens of situations, which may arise in daily life.

288pp, 185 x 135 mm, Hardback, 2018 

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