by: Tammy Billups

This latest book by the author of Cygnus titles Animal Soul Contracts and Soul Healing with our Animal Companions is another tribute to the animals in our lives and how they are here to assist us. This time Tammy highlights the 5D consciousness they all possess and how they are lightworkers involved in raising the planetary vibration. Of course the book is full of heartwarming stories and many lovely photographs of the animals included. Unsurprisingly the animals are all cats, dogs and horses, along with a turtle plus Murray the Rabbit. The book includes exercises and meditations. The stories are lovely and made me smile and it coaxes us to look at our pets and other animals around us and perhaps acknowledge that there is more to them and what they are thinking and doing than we might imagine.

256pp, 210 x 137 mm, Paperback, 2022, RRP £14.00