by: Katrina Townsend

This is not a deep or complicated book but it’s inspiring and easy-to-read. It tells a story of someone’s everyday struggles and how they changed their life and developed a whole new point of view on things. Katrina decided she was buying too much and so tried to go a whole year without buying anything. She was mostly successful and, as the year went on, she started to awake to other aspects of reality. Strange things also started happening that encouraged her to reassess and to explore pagan ways of being. Ultimately she became a druid. It’s a book about getting away from a materialist way of life and awakening to nature. She now lives a more authentic and fulfilling life. The beauty of the book is that it makes you feel you could do the same too.

168pp, 215 x 142 mm, Paperback, 2022, RRP £12.99

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