by: Jason Prall

As the author remarks in his introduction, what most of us really want is a long life filled with vibrant health, meaning, and purpose, and in this book he shows us how we can work towards having all of this. He is also the maker of the documentary series The Human Longevity Project where he investigated the lives of long-lived, healthy populations around the world, discovering their secrets and the scientific basis underpinning their good health. In his travels he met and interviewed more than 100 health experts and dozens of amazing elders from around the world, and in this well-written and approachable book he shares with us what he learned. In the first part he illustrates the underlying fundamentals of life — what is biological ageing and how we heal; then, in the second part he focuses on the primary aspects of healthy living, detailing them and then connecting the dots between the latest science and the wisdom of the elders.

256pp, 229 x 152 mm, Paperback, 2022

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