BOOK OF MERMAID MAGIC by Leeza Robertson

by: Leeza Robertson

The Undines are famous in spirituality and magic as the people of the water element, who can bring a special power into our lives. Now you can transform your world even when it’s not near water with this book on healing, spell work, and connecting to merfolk of all kinds. With this deep dive into the realm of mystical water creatures, you’ll find your mermaid self by exploring eight archetypes. From the Water Goddess to the Sea Witch to the Nymph, these archetypes help you balance your chakras, harness the power of the moon phases, call on the healing powers of water, and bring more abundance and happiness into your life. There are also rituals, devotions, healing exercises, energetic alignments, and more. With teachings as deep as the ocean, this book shows you how to find your own source of power and live an enchanted life.

264pp, 203 x 133 mm, Paperback, 2023

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