by: Peter Owen-Jones

You may have connected with Peter Owen-Jones from his appearances in several award-winning documentaries on television. He continues to practise as a priest in East Sussex, and is also both an ecological thinker and a champion of ethics, and as such, a powerful voice. This pocket-sized paperback contains 18 meditations on our relationship with nature and how to reconnect with its voice. Short and luminous, the writings are a work of profound imagination and contain intense, urgent messages reminding us of the need to be humble in all things and to learn from nature. They are illustrated with spare, charcoal drawings by Jerry Shearing which also make you stop and think. I think that this is a book to carry with you always, one to turn to when feeling overwhelmed by the issues of modern life.

92pp, 174 x 124 mm, Paperback, 2022, RRP £10.99

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